Bulletins & Homilies


Matthew 18 – Jesus’ Nuclear Option: Excommunication
the Gospel of Suffering
Matthew 15 – A Risk Worth Taking
Matthew 14 – Stay in the Boat

It is Good that We Are Here
Matthew 13 – The Gospel, the Treasure of God’s Wisdom
Matthew 13 – A Caution, Lest We Be Pulled Up as Weeds
Matthew 13 – Three Aids to Spiritual Growth
Matthew 11 – Modern-day Romans need Jesus Too
Christ, the Source of Authentic Love
Matthew 10 – There is Only One Remedy for Fallen Humanity
Corpus Christi 2017

A Trinity of Love

Kindle in Us the Fire of Your Love!

We are here to Know, Love, and Serve Him – Ascension 2017
John 14 – Love and Law are Not Opposed

John 14 – the Deaconate and the Priesthood

Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Luke 24 – What is the Eucharist, if not Sacrifice?

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