Bulletins & Homilies


Holy Family 2019 – Some Reflections on Spiritual Fatherhood
Christmas 2019 – the Great Lengths God Goes to Convince Us of His Love
Mary and Joseph’s Visits by Angels and Marriage
Be Joy to the World
The Difference Between Wheat and Chaff – Matthew 3
A Little Prayer this Advent Can Go a Long Way
The Rulers in Christ’s Kingdom – Christ the King 2019
Persevere in Your Faith and Live
Freedom of Conscience Under Attack
Only 10% Sounds Pretty Good!
Friends in Heaven – All Saints Day 2019
Unite Your Heart to God in Prayer
Your Faith Will Save You – Luke 17
A Trusting and Humble Disposition is Best – Luke 17
In the End, Don’t Count on Excuses – Luke 16
Wealth Can Be ‘Honest’ or ‘Dishonest’ – Luke 16
Rejoice and Celebrate – What was Lost is Found

Loving Jesus, Even More than Family Members – Luke 14

The Popularization of Church Gossip and Detraction – Neither Healthy Nor Holy

Hell – Not Just for Nazis and Serial Killers
The Catholic Parish – Family or Franchise?

Build Your Treasure with Faith, Hope and Wisdom

How Did Jesus View Money and Wealth?

The What, Why, and How of Prayer
Will You Choose the Better Part?

Who is the Good Samaritan, and Who is the Man on the Roadside?

Calling New Laborers for the Harvest!
The Inherent Danger of a Temporary Excuse – Luke 9
Traditional or Traditionalist? The Curious Generational Divide in Liturgy Today (Evening Talk Given to Young Adults)
How We Receive Communion Makes a Difference
This Advent, What Are Your Priorities?
Advent Hope
Comments on the Death of Bishop Morlino
Encyclical of Pope Pius XI – Christ the King 2018

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