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the Prodigal Parishioner
Disciple for Our Time – St. Teresa

Luke 14 – A Christian’s Response to the Poor

Luke 13 – Will Only a Few People Be Saved?

1968 – a Prophet Rejected, a Household Divided

Am I a “Faithful Catholic”?

Luke 12 – a Rich Fool and a Good Lesson
Luke 10 – At Jesus’ Feet

Who is the Good Samaritan?

What Can You Do for Your Country? Live Your Faith.

Luke 7 – Young Men, Now is Your Church’s Hour of Need

Luke 7 – the Gamble of Eternal Salvation

Luke 7 – Are You a ‘Simon’ or a ‘Mary’?

God is Present in Our Suffering

Christian Worship Series, Part 9 – History of the Roman Rite, 4 of 4

Christian Worship Series, Part 8 – History of the Roman Rite, 3 of 4
Christian Worship Series, Part 7 – History of the Roman Rite 2 of 3
Christian Worship Series, Part 6 – History of the Roman Rite 1 of 3

Keeping It Simple!

Gospel of Mark Bible Study, Part 7 – Be Opened!

Gospel of Mark Bible Study, Part 6 – Is Jesus Against Tradition?

John 6 – Master, I Come to You, the Bread of Life
John 6 – The Key to Understanding 
John 6 – The Gift of Being Drawn
John 6 – Satisfaction for the Hungry Heart
John 6 – Recline, and Let Christ Do the Multiplying

See Jesus When You Serve Others

Your Savior Is Not Against You!
The Cleansing of the Temple – You!
Abraham’s Heroic Trust
Lent – How’s Your Covenant with Christ?
Ash Wednesday 2015
Gospel of Mark Bible Study, Part 3
Gospel of Mark Bible Study, Part 2
Gospel of Mark Bible Study, Part 1
Answer Your Call to be Fishers of Men
How Do You Know if God is Calling You?
Principles of Discernment for a Special Calling (Printable Word Document)
Two Joshuas at the Jordan
What Was the “Star” of Bethlehem?
The Greatest Spiritual Gift – the Holy Family
Christmas 2014 – Who Was That Child?
A Remarkable Annoucement, A Remarkable Response
You Might Not Realize Who You Actually Are
Ours is a Baptism of Repentance
Be on the Right Side of Life – Follow Christ the King
A Little Dating Advice
The Dedication of a Church and a Symbol
All Souls Day – Purgatory Explained
Love GOD, and Share His Truth
The Family, the First Vineyard
Four Lessons from the Vineyard
The Genius of the Cross
A Warning to the Watchman
The Few, the Proud, the Disciples!
The Office of Peter
A House of Prayer for All Peoples
Stay in the Boat!
A Boulder Marks the Spot
The Pearl of Great Price
Matt 13 – A Church of Wheat and Weeds, Saints and Sinners
Matt 13 – The Sower and the Seed
God – Father or Mother?
Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul – Are Things Really That Different?
The True Presence, Food for the Life of the World
A Simple Way to Understand the Trinity
Evangelization Series, Part 5
Evangelization Series, Part 4
If You Love Me, Keep My Commandments
Evangelization Series, Part 3
Evangelization Series, Part 2
Evangelization Series, Part 1
Divine Mercy and Our 2 New Saints
Easter 2014 – The Resurrection Affirms the Meaning of Life
Holy Thursday – My Vocation Story
The Mass Explained, Part 5
The Mass Explained, Part 4
See With the Eyes of the Heart
The Mass Explained, Part 3
The Mass Explained, Part 2
The Mass Explained, Part 1
Ash Wednesday 2014 – Temperance, the Miracle Virtue
No Need to Worry!

I Forgive You
Want to Be Happy?
If You’re a Christian, You Must be Different
The Humble Presentation of the Lord
The Call to Discipleship
John the Baptist as Priestly Prototype
The Baptism of the Lord, and Yours
Pope Francis’ Call to “Get Out There!”
The Father’s Role in the Family – Feast of the Holy Family 2013
An Authentic Christmas Focus
The Secret to Achieving Joy
Respect Has to Come First
Throw Off the Comfort of Sin
Christ the King – Our Light of Faith
If Anyone is Unwilling to Work, Neither Should He Eat
Luke 20 – Marriage in Heaven, and Persecution on Earth
Humble Your Heart – Receive God’s Grace
On Our Sin and Woundedness – Jesus, Have Pity on Us!
What is Faith, Anyway?
Do You Hear the Cry of the Poor?
Jesus’ Warnings About Wealth
Why Are So Many Sheep and Coins Going Missing?
A Few Thoughts on Pride and Humility
Reflect Christ, the Key to the Narrow Gate
May I Attend the Wedding?
The New Encyclical, ‘The Light of Faith’
The Sobering Lesson of a Rich Fool
Our Father
The Four Levels of the Spiritual Life
Luke 10 – It’s Very Near to You, You Have Only to Carry It Out
Where Would Jesus Stand on ‘Gay Marriage’?
What Holds You Back from Answering the Call?
Soccer Jesus vs The Real Deal
Luke 7, The Christian View of Death
Corpus Christi – What is Transubstantiation?
Deacon Holm – Trinity Sunday
Pentecost 2013 – Spirit of Unity
Ascension 2013 – God and the Vertical
John 14, Peace in the Church Through the Holy Spirit
Our Good Shepherd
John 21  Peter Re-established
Divine Mercy Sunday
Easter Sunday
Good Friday
Holy Thursday
Deacon Holm – Make Time for Jesus
Scandal and Hope for the Bride of Christ
A Refresher on Confession
Luke 13, Why Does Evil Exist
Lenten Opportunities
Ash Wednesday 2013
A Critical Moment for Peter – Fr. Francis Fernandez
Catechism Sunday 2 – Anointed, and Prophets
Epiphany 2013
Mary, Mother of God – 2013
Feast of the Holy Family 2012 – On the Nature of Family
Deacon Holm – God, Who is Love, Came to Dwell With Us
Advent – What Should We Do
Advent-Let’s Get out of the City
Catechism Sunday 1 – The Final Things
Is Christ Your King?
Mark 13, End-Time Basics
Mark 12, A Middle Way of Simple Living
The Year of Faith – Loving the Lord with All Our Mind
I Want to See
Single Issue No More
Mark 10, God’s Plan for Marriage or Man’s
Mark 9, A Few Hyperbolic Warnings
Truth vs. the Culture
Seventeen Heroic Men
Mark 7, Priority of the Interior Life, Understanding Change and Tradition
John 6, To Whom Will You Go
John 6, How Can This Man Give Us His Flesh to Eat
John 6, The Most Necessary Food
John 6, The Eucharist Changes Everything

John 6, Trust in Providence
Shepherding and Protecting – A Reflection Upon the Tragedy in Colorado

Mark 6, On Docility and Obedience
Our New Deacon
Religious Liberty Under Attack
Mk 4, 26-34 The Only 2 Ways the Church Grows
Corpus Christi 2012 – How to Receive the Lord

Trinity Sunday 2012 – What Makes Our Faith Unique
Pentecost 2012 – Confirmation and the Seven Gifts
Ascension 2012

John 15, He the Vine, We the Branches
John 10, One Flock, One Savior – Who Can Be Saved
Luke 24, Seeing Christ in the Scriptures
Easter Day 2012 – Christian Joy

Easter Vigil 2012 – The Christian Life
Holy Thursday 2012
Passion Sunday 2012 – Judas and Peter
John 9, Man Born Blind

The Transfiguration – On Spiritual Highs and Lows, Consolation and Desolation
Jesus in the Desert
The Paralytic and 4 Devoted Friends

Violations of Our Religious Liberty
Two Important Catholic Subjects

Abortion, Hope, and Mercy
January 15th – Three Levels of Vocation
Mary, Mother of God
Advent B3 – I Am Not the Christ
Advent B2 – Parousia and Repentance
Advent B1 – Watchfulness in Daily Prayer