Meet Our Deacons

Deacon LaneDeacon Robert Lane

Deacon Robert “Bob” Lane is a lifetime member of Holy Family Parish. His family roots go deep in the Three Forks community, as the Lanes were some of the earliest pioneer ranchers in the area. Raised on the family homestead along the Jefferson River, Deacon Lane still lives and works that land today in a partnership with his two sons. The father of four (two boys and two girls), he felt a call by God to sacred ministry after his children had grown up, and with the support of his wife Carol Ann, was ordained in 1995 by Bishop Alex Brunett. Despite the fact that he is now in his late 80’s and on senior status, Deacon Lane continues to serve our home-bound by bringing them Holy Communion on Sundays. He is grateful to God for the opportunity to be of service to our parish, and its members are grateful to him for all he has done over the years to bless them through his ministry.

Deacon Wayne Thompson

Ordained for the Diocese of Orange in 2009, Deacon Wayne Thompson grew up in Anaheim, CA. As a young man he met an Italian student immigrant, Rosa, and fell in love – the two were married in 1979 and would go on to raise a son and a daughter. But also in young adulthood, Wayne drifted away from the Lord and even got into trouble with the law, resulting in a painful period in life that terminated in his decision to give himself totally to the Lord and return to the practice of the Catholic faith wholeheartedly. This conversion eventually led to an offering of himself in ministerial service to the Church, and also, to his’ and Rosa’s acceptance of guardianship for their three grandsons when circumstances no longer allowed their parents to care for them. Seeking a more wholesome environment in which to raise the boys, the Thompsons moved to the Gallatin Valley in early 2020 and are settling into their new life here. During the week Dcn. Wayne works as a professional mechanic at Ressler Chevrolet, and on the weekends, he shares preaching duties with Dcn. Warner Holm every other month.