Altar Society

“For lay people, this evangelization…is accomplished in the ordinary circumstances of the world….The true apostle is on the lookout for occasions of announcing Christ…either to unbelievers…or to the faithful”  (CCC 905).  

Dear Women of Holy Family Parish,

Let us introduce the Altar Society to you because we consider all women of our parish to be our members in Christ’s service.

We are a welcoming spirit to the families new to our parish and our present families so that we can meet outside of Mass to get acquainted and share fellowship.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month probably for an hour (except during the summer) at 6:30 PM (for those of you with children). We want to get to know you personally.

For details contact our President Dolores McKenna at 599-3731. If you prefer email, Beth Derby’s address is  Beth works closely with Dolores.

Some of you are on our email list to share information about our meetings and coming activities in our parish.  To be added to the list contact Beth Derby at, Tina Wambeke at or Ashley Jones at

We are excited to get to know you.